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BT 2016-02-02
BT 2016
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BT or Bt may refer to:
Baronet, a title in the British honours system abbreviated Bt
Betéti társaság: a limited partnership business entity in Hungary, usually abbreviated Bt

Arts and entertainment
Banjo-Tooie, the second video game in the Banjo-Kazooie series
Baseball Tonight, a U.S. television program on ESPN
Bee Train, Japanese animation studio
Breakfast Television, a Canadian morning television program
BT (.hack), a fictional character from the anime TV series, .hack//SIGN

Computing and networking
BackTrack, a Linux OS distribution for forensics & security testing
Binary tree, a data structure used by programmers
Bitstream Inc., a type foundry who made the BT fonts
BitTorrent (protocol), a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol
Bluetooth, a wireless personal-area-network protocol
BT Total Broadband, a British internet service provider

AirBaltic, a Latvian airline with the IATA code BT
Bee Train, Japanese animation studio
Bitstream Inc., a type foundry, as known by the abbreviation for their fonts
BitTorrent, Inc., a developer of the BitTorrent software
Bodenseeâ€"Toggenburg-Bahn, a former Swiss railway company
BT Group plc, parent company of British Telecommunications Plc (also referred to as British Telecom)
BT Global Services, a division of the United Kingdom Telecoms operator

Bulgartabac, a Bulgarian tobacco producer

Banca Transilvania, a bank in Romania
Bankers Trust, a banking organisation
BT Financial Group, part of the Westpac group in Australia
Thai baht, currency in Thailand

Blacksburg Transit, the bus service of Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
Blessed Trinity Catholic High School, a High School in Georgia, USA
Burton Taylor Studio, known as The BT, a studio theatre in Oxford, United Kingdom managed by Oxford Playhouse

BT tank, a series of highly mobile Soviet tanks
Brevet (military), a temporary increase in an officer's rank

BT (musician), stage name of Brian Transeau, American DJ, producer and musician
Billy Talent, a Canadian band from Ontario
Black Tide, an American hard rock band from Miami, Florida
Blitzen Trapper, an American indie rock band from Portland, Oregon
BT (album), a 2000 album by Buck-Tick
Buck-Tick, a Japanese band
Bury Tomorrow, a British metalcore band

Bergens Tidende, published in Bergen, Norway
Borås Tidning, published in Borås, Sweden
B.T. (tabloid), a Danish tabloid
Business Times (disambiguation), either of two papers published in Singapore and Malaysia

Barton County, Kansas, as known by its state county code BT
Bhutan, as known by its ISO country code BT and internet domain .bt
BotoÅŸani County, county in Romania BT ISO 3166-2:RO
BT postcode area, which covers the whole of Northern Ireland

Baal teshuva, a Jew who turns to embrace Orthodox Judaism
Babylonian Talmud, a central text in Judaism
Body thetan, the "spirit" in Scientology doctrine

Science and technology
Bacillus thuringiensis, a bacterium which forms Bt toxins, used as insecticides (BT powder)
Bathythermograph, a device used to obtain a record of temperature against depth in the ocean
BT-Epoxy, a polymer used in printed circuit boards


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