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The_Hole 2016-01-31
The_Hole 2016
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The_Hole update 2016-01-31
The Hole may refer to:

The Hole (play), a 1958 absurdist play
The Hole (I Am Weasel), an episode of I Am Weasel
"The Hole" (song), a 1998 song by Randy Travis
The Hole (album), a 1986 album by Golden Earring

The Hole (1957 film), a Japanese drama directed by Kon Ichikawa
The Hole (1960 film), a French film directed by Jacques Becker
The Hole (1962 film), an animated short film directed by John Hubley
The Hole (1997 film), a South Korean thriller directed by Kim Sung-hong
The Hole (1998 film), a Taiwanese musical directed by Tsai Ming-Liang
The Hole (2001 film), a British thriller directed by Nick Hamm
The Hole (2009 film), a 3D film directed by Joe Dante
The Hole (2010 film), a documentary film

The Hole, New York, a neighborhood within New York City
The Hole (Scientology), a detention facility reportedly operated by the Church of Scientology

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