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Mika 2016-01-31
Mika 2016
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Mika is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

Male given name (primarily used in Finland)
Mika (singer) (born 1983), British singer-songwriter
Mika Aaltonen (born 1965), Finnish football player
Mika Antić (1932â€"1986), Serbian poet
Mika Chunuonsee (born 1989), Welsh-Thai football player
Michael "Mika" Simões Domingues (born 1991), Portuguese goalkeeper
Michaël "Mika" Goossens (born 1973), Belgian football player
Mika Häkkinen (born 1968), former Finnish Formula One driver and double World Champion, former DTM racer as well
Mika Halvari (born 1970), Finnish shot putter
Mika Hannula (born 1979), Swedish ice hockey player
Mika Helin (born 1978), Finnish football player
Mika Horiuchi (born 1986), Japanese-American musician
Mika Immonen (born 1972), Finnish pool player
Mika Ják, Hungarian noble
Mika Kallio (born 1982), Finnish motorcycle racer
Mika "Gas" Karppinen (born 1971), Finnish drummer
Mika Kaurismäki (born 1955), Finnish film director
Mika Koivuniemi (born 1967), Finnish ten-pin bowler
Mika Kojonkoski (born 1963), Finnish ski jumper and politician
Mika Kuusisto (born 1967), Finnish cross-country skier
Mika Lahtinen (born 1985), Finnish football player
Mika Laitinen (born 1973), Finnish ski jumper
Mika Luttinen (born 1971), Finnish musician
Mika Muranen (born 1971), Finnish prisoner
Mika Myllylä (born 1969), Finnish cross-country skier
Mika Niskanen (born 1973), Finnish ice hockey player
Mika Noronen (born 1979), Finnish ice hockey player
Mika Nurmela (born 1971), Finnish football player
Mika-Matti Paatelainen (born 1967), Finnish football manager, better known as Mixu Paatelainen
Mika Peltonen (born 1965), Finnish military officer
Mika Pohjola (born 1971), Finnish jazz pianist
Mika Ronkainen (born 1970), Finnish film director
Mika Salo (born 1966), Finnish auto racer
Mika Sankala (born 1964), Finnish football manager and former footballer
Mika Singh (born 1977), Indian singer
Mika Å piljak (1916â€"2007), Yugoslav politician
Mika Strömberg (born 1970), Finnish ice hockey player
Mika Tauriainen (born 1975), Finnish rock singer
Mika Vainio, member of the Finnish electronic duo Pan sonic
Mika Vasara (born 1983), Finnish shot putter
Mika Väyrynen (born 1981), Finnish football player
Mika Vukona, (born 1982), Fijian-born New Zealand basketball player
Mika Waltari (1908â€"1979), Finnish author
Mika Zibanejad, (born 1993), Swedish ice hockey player

Female given name (primarily used in Japan)
Mika Akino (born 1973), the Japanese wrestler AKINO
Mika Arisaka (born 1974), Japanese-American singer
Mika Boorem (born 1987), American actress
Mika Brzezinski (born 1967), American Television Journalist, co-host of Morning Joe
Mika Doi (born 1956), Japanese voice actress
Mika Handa, singer with the band Mika Bomb
Mika Kamita (born 1982), Japanese singer
Mika Kanai (born 1964), Japanese voice actress
Mika Kato, namesake singer of the Sadistic Mika Band
Mika Kawamura (born 1973), Japanese manga artist
Mika Kikuchi (born 1983), Japanese actress
Mika Miyazato (born 1989), Japanese golfer
Mika Nakashima (born 1983), Japanese singer
Mika Newton (born 1986), Ukrainian singer
Mika Tan (born 1977), American adult actress
Mika Todd (born 1984), American jazz singer and former Hello! Project member
Mika Urbaniak (born 1980), Polish pop singer
Mika Yamamoto (1967-2012), Japanese journalist
Mika Yamauchi (born 1969), Japanese volleyball player

As a surname
Brad Mika (born 1981), New Zealand rugby union player
Mateusz Mika (born 1991), Polish volleyball player
Setefano Mika (born 1985), Samoan middle distance runner

Fictional characters
Mika Ahonen, a character from the anime/manga Strike Witches
R. Mika, a character from the Street Fighter video game series
Mika Kujiin, one of the main characters in the Kanamemo anime/manga
Mika Nogizaka, a character from the light novel and anime Nogizaka Haruka No Himitsu
Mika Samuels, a character from the television series The Walking Dead

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