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Frauke_Petry 2016-01-31
Frauke_Petry 2016
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Frauke Petry (née Marquardt; born 1 June 1975 in Dresden) is a German chemist, businesswoman and politician who has been one of three elected party spokespersons of Alternative for Germany from 2013 to 2015.
Since 2015 she's the Speaker of the Alternative for Germany with Jörg Meuthen.

Petry grew up in Brandenburg. In 1992 her family moved to Bergkamen in Westphalia. Petry took her first degree in chemistry at the University of Reading in 1998, before attending the University of Göttingen, gaining a doctoral degree there in 2004.
In 2007 Petry founded her own business, PURinvent, a Leipzig based manufacturer of polyurethane tire fill products. She received the Medal of the Order of Merit in 2012.
In her party she represents the national conservative faction and supports right-wing policies.
Petry was married to a pastor named Sven, has four children, and lives in Tautenhain, Saxony. Petry published a statement in early October in which she announced that she would separate from her husband, while also noting that “much more than just friendly feelings” had developed between her and fellow party member Marcus Pretzell. Sven Petry has since joined the CDU.

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