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Challenger 2016-01-29
Challenger 2016
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Challenger update 2016-01-29
Challenger may refer to:

In transportation

Land vehicles
Challenger trucks, a Canadian maker of heavy trucks
One of several British Army tanks:
Cruiser Mk VIII Challenger, in service during World War II
Challenger 1 tank, in service from the late 1980s to early 21st century
Challenger 2 tank, in service from 1998

Dodge Challenger, a car made by Dodge
Mitsubishi Challenger, an SUV sold in export markets as the Pajero Sport/Montero Sport
Tokai Challenger, a solar car
Challenger (train), a named passenger train fleet
Union Pacific Challenger, a type of steam locomotive
Challenger Tractor, a rubber-tracked agricultural tractor

Sea vessels
HMS Challenger, any of eight Royal Navy ships
RSS Challenger, a Sjöormen-class submarine in the Republic of Singapore Navy
USS Challenger (ID-3630), an early-20th century US Navy cargo ship
Challenger (clipper), a clipper sailing ship built in London in 1852
Challenger (1853 clipper), a clipper ship built in Boston
Stena Challenger, a ferry, formerly Isle of Inishfree and Pride of Cherbourg, now the MV Kaitaki
Deepsea Challenger, used by James Cameron in the Mariana Trench

Air and space craft
Canadair Challenger, a series of business jets manufactured by Bombardier
Space Shuttle Challenger, the NASA space shuttle
Space Shuttle Challenger disaster

Quad City Challenger, an ultralight airplane
Challenger, the Apollo 17 lunar module

Challenger Deep, the deepest point in the world's oceans
Challenger Plateau, a submarine rise in the Tasman Sea close to the New Zealand coast
Challenger Mountains, a subrange of the Arctic Cordillera in Nunavut, Canada
Mount Challenger, Falkland Islands
Challenger Point, a mountain in Colorado, United States
Challenger Harbour, Fremantle, Western Australia
Challengers, Saint Kitts and Nevis

In entertainment
Challenger (1990 film), about the space shuttle Challenger disaster
The Challengers, a 1990 film produced for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Challenger (comics), a Marvel Comics Golden Age superhero
Challenger (video game), developed by Hudson Soft
Challenger (game show), a 1997 Australian game show
Challenger (game show), a 2013 Pakistani game show
Challengers (role-playing game), a 1985 role-playing game
Challengers of the Unknown a team of costumed crime fighters from DC Comics
Challenger (Star Trek), a Star Trek: New Earth novel
Challengers (album), by The New Pornographers
The Challengers (band), a 1960s surf rock group
The Challengers (game show), a 1990 American game show hosted by Dick Clark
Challengers (manga), the shōnen-ai manga by Hinako Takanaga
Professor Challenger, a fictional scientist and adventurer created by Arthur Conan Doyle
"Challenger", a song by Misia from Mars & Roses
Challenger (Burning Star Core album), by Burning Star Core
Challenger (Knut album), by Knut
Challenger (EP), by Sybreed
Challenger (Memphis May Fire album), by Memphis May Fire

Challenger (actor) (1959 â€" 2010), Bangladeshi film and television actor
Romeo Challenger (born 1950), rock drummer, father of Ben Challenger
Ben Challenger (born 1978), English high jumper
Okeem Challenger (born 1989), Antiguan and Barbudan footballer

In science
Challenger (eagle), an American bald eagle known for free flights
Challenger Society for Marine Science, established in 1903 in the United Kingdom
Challenger expedition, a British oceanographic survey in 1872-1876
Challenger Center for Space Science Education, an American a nonprofit educational organization

In sport
Challenger (America's Cup), the syndacates challengers of America's Cup
Challengers League & Challengers Cup, the third tier football league and league cup competition in South Korea
ATP Challenger Series, a series of professional tennis tournaments
Challenger (horse), Champion Thoroughbred sire in the United States

Other uses

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