lundi 26 novembre 2012

exclusive the new Emu Skycamd only for STI7111, STI7162

exclusive the new Emu Skycamd only for STI7111, STI7162

The new Emu Skycamd only for Spark receiver STI7111, STI7162 ,
Skycam the Emu fastest in the world.

Note: currently the server is free only for model 9000700, Brand Golden Media

Skycam is free Emu only for model 09000700 , Marque Golden Media 990 CR HD PVR Spark LX

1- Download plugin from :

Link :

2 - Install plugin
usb installation:
- copy plugin folder to the root directory of first partition of usb stick (like c:/plugin/).
- connect usb stick to stb. stb shall prompt a message to user to upgrade plugin.

3-how to use Skycamd

1. go to plugin menu and press ok to start oscam4spark
2. press RED button then you can see menu of it
3. go to Active press ok, choose skycam Active , input Active code and press ok
4. enter 9090 as activation code
5. go to Skycamd config Downlaod settings and press ok to download configuration
5. exit oscam4spark menu

if you have wrong code thank you for visiting the forum for more support

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